In the dynamic healthcare market, the power of ONE cannot be easily dismissed. Enterprising Imaging should be more than storage to a single archive.

Can you say that your current PACS vendor offers more? Our customers can!

PICOM365 by ScImage powers ONE Enterprise Imaging solution to meet all your needs.

  • ONE Viewer - diagnostic or zero footprint
  • ONE Reporting Solution - every specialty on a single platform
  • ONE Source Neutral Archive - any department, any image
  • ONE EHR Integration Point - seamless to the end-user
  • ONE Timeline of All Patient Studies - past and present
  • ONE Solution for Image Exchange - securely eliminate all CDs in and out
  • ONE Flexible Architecture - on-premise, Cloud, or hybrid
  • ONE Point of Access - assure your environment has the highest level of security
  • ONE Service Agreement - lowering cost and support personnel requirements
  • ONE Platform for All Workflows - unique department and modality workflows co-exist

ONE less thing to worry about!

Contact us to see how we’re going beyond PACS to power ONE solution that meets all your imaging needs.

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