Image Exchange: Interoperability and Image Access

Data access is critical to ensuring your patient care model is successful, from both quality and cost perspectives. PICOM365 delivers 360-degree Image Exchange options that make the sharing of any image – static, dynamic, DICOM or non-DICOM – seamless, simple, and secure.

Impacting outcomes, cost, and efficiency, data sharing

has become the backbone for patient care.

PICOM365 delivers 360-degree image exchange that securely integrates into any facility’s PACS or EHR, transforming the physician and patient experience.  This unique approach to image exchange enables physicians to access outside data without leaving the comfort of their current reading environment.  Patients and referring locations benefit from a hassle-free experience in image sharing, uploading priors to assure all relevant data is available for a complete diagnosis.

Any image from any discipline is accessible any time.


The PICOM365 Interoperability Core orchestrates data access, transfer and distribution, managing external IT systems - HL7, EHR, DICOM and non-DICOM data, billing, patient ID’s - to create an information highway that facilitates access to all patient data.

ScImage provides interoperability solutions for any imaging workflow (Radiology, Cardiology, ECG, Other ‘Ologies) that break through barriers to provide true data transparency.

Our seamless interoperability solutions are customized for your unique workflow:

  • Few studies, no software, no implementation
  • Preliminary Studies with EHR integration of reports
  • Prior images and reports
  • DFT billing integration
  • Post-processing for remote exams
  • Real-time post-processing

Import any exam into any PACS with PicomPassport and share images among authorized used with PicomWebLink.

PicomPassport simplifies the process of receiving outside images without the hassle of unsecured CDs. Improving both patient and physician experience, exams are effortlessly uploaded for review.  This results in improved turnaround time for diagnosis by eliminating typical wait time for outside prior studies. A friendly communication is established with the patient or remote location, assuring a secure and easy experience.

Delivering secure image sharing without the limitations of physical media, Cloud platform allows authorized users to share a secure link with individual patients for referrals and outside physicians for review. Studies shared via DICOM export to outside facilities can easily be ingested into a 3rd party PACS. Data remains private, as PICOM365 supports multi-factor authentication, access codes and link expiration.

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