Our Products

PICOM365 offers a suite of comprehensive tools for any imaging discipline, allowing you the ability to receive, report and return accurate results efficiently. Flexible enough to handle any desired workflow and scalable to fit any organization, PICOM365 provides the perfect product for any discipline that generates imaging exams.

Cardiology PACS

PICOM365 is an intelligent, scalable, web platform for cardiovascular image, report and information management. Whether you need a single solution such as echocardiography, a department-wide or multi-hospital health system implementation, ScImage has the right software for every situation. Whether you want to deploy everything on-premise, or leverage the Cloud completely or use the Cloud only for remote users, ScImage has the right technology.

Radiology PACS

Effective Enterprise Imaging is an intelligent combination of workflow engines, integrated dashboards, smart worklists, automated image presentation and reporting tools designed to optimize clinical reporting. With PICOM365, ScImage has perfected the acquire, read, report and distribute workflow to innovatively manage end-to-end radiology imaging for all modalities as a customizable on-premise, pure Cloud or hybrid solution.

Other 'Ologies

Pathology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and other visual light modalities can all benefit from the shared infrastructure and interoperability of your PACS. ScImage has the PACS solution to get you there.

You can immediately experience the benefits of digital access and electronic workflow using our PICOM365 PACS system. Or, you may opt out of managing your own PACS and subscribe to PicomCloud, ScImage’s Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted PACS. You simply pay per procedure. It’s easy to get started with and there’s virtually no financial risk.

Either way, the advantages are many.

Women's Health

Leveraging 20+ years of innovation to create a unified enterprise imaging platform for end to end workflow, ScImage provides comprehensive capabilities for Women’s Health imaging. PICOM365 Breast Imaging Workflow provides radiologists with diagnostic and breast screening workflow for mammography, breast ultrasound, MR and breast tomosynthesis on a single workstation. PICOM365 provides comprehensive department specific imaging and reporting tools to support breast imaging workflow and reporting. The unified platform seamlessly integrates breast imaging throughout the enterprise to ensure clinical collaboration and access to priors and patient reports across modalities and disciplines to holistically diagnose and treat the patient.