PICOM365 offers a suite of comprehensive tools for any imaging discipline, allowing you the ability to receive, report and return accurate results efficiently.

Flexible enough to handle any desired workflow and scalable to fit any organization, PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging provides the perfect product for any discipline that generates imaging exams.

Enterprise Imaging

The enterprise has extended beyond Radiology and Cardiology. As a core competency, a true enterprise imaging solution must consider every image and waveform type, every document in clinical workflow, every modality, every workflow and every user’s specific needs.

PICOM365 delivers a flexible solution from an industry leader who has been supporting the evolution of enterprise imaging for more than 27 years. PICOM365 goes beyond PACS with easy access to patient records anywhere in the enterprise and automated workflow that is fully functional in the Cloud and on-premise.

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Cloud PACS

PICOM365 Cloud architecture delivers automated, scalable, secure workflow with access to all data formats, supporting image exchange and interoperability anywhere in the enterprise and beyond.

PICOM365 Cloud’s scalability, redundancy and security supports every imaging discipline and any size institution, from small practices to remote tele-imaging to large health enterprises. 

Cardiology PACS

PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging is made for your dynamic Cardiology workflow, providing automated measurement-driven structured reporting, comprehensive viewing and quantification, image exchange, and clinical analytics.

The secure, agile PICOM365 Cloud platform delivers seamless imaging support for all Cardiology disciplines: Echo, Cath, Vascular, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiac CT & MR, ECG, Holter, Stress, Event Monitoring and more.

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Radiology PACS

Effective Enterprise Imaging is an intelligent combination of workflow engines, integrated dashboards, smart worklists, automated image presentation and reporting tools designed to optimize clinical reporting. With PICOM365, ScImage has perfected the acquire, read, report and distribute workflow to innovatively manage end-to-end radiology imaging for all modalities as a customizable on-premise, pure Cloud or hybrid solution.

Other 'Ologies

PICOM365 natively manages imaging exams from any discipline – Ophthalmology, Endoscopy, Dermatology, Pathology and any other Visual Light Image – to ensure data is properly managed and maintained.

In addition to viewing static images and dynamic video files, PICOM365 provides modality-specific advanced tools for all specialties, both on-premise or in the Cloud.

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Women's Health

PICOM365 provides comprehensive department-specific imaging and reporting tools to support all aspects of the women’s health continuum. 

From breast imaging workflow to the complexities of maternal fetal monitoring, PICOM365 integrates imaging throughout the enterprise to ensure clinical collaboration and access to priors and reports across modalities and disciplines to holistically diagnose and treat the patient.

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