Accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions rely upon a clear interpretation of cardiac imaging and clinical data. PicomECG gives you the ability to interpret all relevant information from within the EHR, removing the confusion that can accompany referring to multiple screens of information.

PicomECG’s flexible core design can be deployed as a dedicated ECG Management system or as a software service built into a PICOM365 server or Cloud-based system. PicomECG’s bi-directional data exchange, workflow automation and investigational tools allow quick, accurate reading from anywhere at anytime and can be scaled from an office setting to an Integrated Delivery Network.


ScImage designs products to meet or exceed current industry standards; our dedication to open systems design provides best-in-class ECG devices that allow you the benefit of receiving competitive open-market bids on your equipment.

PICOMECG captures raw ECG waveforms and data directly from most electrocardiographs on the market and guarantees a future-proof ECG Management solution due to ScImage’s proven commitment to implementation of industry standards such as XML, DICOM and SCP ECG’s.

PICOMECG also captures front-end HL7 orders, translates them to the DICOM Modality Worklist and forwards the order to the device for rapid response with completed HL7 Results and a zero-footprint EHR link to review the confirmed ECG.


PicomECG's flexible workflow tools accommodate any processing system with intelligent auto-printing and post-process editing of the confirmed record for paper-based systems, configurable online reading and processing tools for self-reporting systems and ECG editing with subsequent batch processing for hybrid systems.

PicomECG includes essential investigation and interpretation tools for a cardiogram’s rate, rhythm and axis with a customizable and fully portable database of interpretive statements.


PicomECG can be configured to include a report delivery engine that automatically sends a copy of the confirmed ECG to the ordering physician of record and features an automated delivery mechanism that distributes the confirmed ECG report to stakeholders and ancillary systems.

PicomECG can forward results to a hospital information system or practice management system for historical record keeping and billing notification via HL7 and also to your Electronic Health Record system using an encrypted link providing distributed access to the confirmed ECG.

PicomWEB's universal viewing tool provides secure, distributed access to EHR clients with interactive waveforms for diagnostic review from virtually any web-enabled portable device.