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Look no further, PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging is made for your dynamic Cardiology workflow in the Cloud or on-prem, providing automated measurement-driven structured reporting, comprehensive viewing and quantification, image exchange and clinical analytics.

Access any image from any discipline - from Chest X-ray to ECG to Interventional Cath - all on the same worklist, for a patient-centered approach.

Read and report with access to gold-standard post-processing from any workstation, never tying you to a single machine.

Customizable Structured Reports with automated measurement mapping for quick and easy reporting.

Securely share images and results with referring physicians and colleagues.

Structured Reporting

Enhance productivity and improve patient care with an easy-to-access, secure and user-friendly platform with built-in customizable structured report templates for all Cardiology disciplines: Echo, Cath, Vascular, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiac CT, Cardiac MR, ECG, Holter, Stress, Event Monitoring and more.

Zero-footprint Structured Reporting enables clinicians and support staff to read and report from any device, leveraging PICOM365’s browser-agnostic environment with no plug-ins or downloads.

cardiology cloud pacs


Echo triple screen 2

ECG Management

ECG w dashboard 2

Stress Testing

Cardiology Workstation 2

Nuclear Cardiology

NM 2

Cath Lab/EP

Cardiology Cath 2

Integrated Hemodynamics Bundle

cath lab2 2

Cardiac CT and Cardiac MRI

Cardiology CT MRI 2

Pediatric Cardiology

Peds bear1 2

Remote Monitoring

wearable 2


Balancing the need to safeguard data and provide easy access to patient records, PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging delivers a full complement of imaging services in the Cloud to support Tele-Cardiology:

remote read 2


The PICOM365 Interoperability Core orchestrates data access, transfer and distribution, managing external IT systems – HL7, EHR, DICOM and non-DICOM data, billing, patient ID’s – to create an information highway that facilitates access to all patient data.

This unique approach to interoperability can enable your organization to integrate outside data seamlessly, wisely, cost effectively and quickly.

data heart 2


PicomAnalytics is a web-based, integrated reporting module that provides transparency to audit-log events, thus providing a comprehensive view of all PICOM365 activity.

analytics 2

PICOM365 advances care for leading Cardiology providers

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