Effective Enterprise Imaging is an intelligent combination of workflow engines, integrated dashboards, smart worklists, automated image presentation and reporting tools designed to optimize clinical reporting. With PICOM365, ScImage has perfected the acquire, read, report and distribute workflow to innovatively manage end-to-end radiology imaging for all modalities as a customizable on-premise, pure Cloud or hybrid solution.


PICOM365 is built on the patient-centric image-info folders concept and, for more than two decades, ScImage has delivered this functionality to a variety of institutions. Our experience allows us to listen, understand your needs and architect the most cost-effective, secure solution for you.

  • Order-driven image interpretation engine works flawlessly to produce accurate, diagnostically rich results without slowing down radiologists.
  • Collects all relevant information to present a patient-centric context to the Study being viewed.
  • Auto-fetches relevant prior Studies and seamlessly integrates them for easy viewing.
  • Effectively manages massive amounts of data produced by modern imaging modalities.
  • Securely maintains archives and vendor neutral archives and seamlessly integrates modality-specific advanced visualization technologies.
  • Effortlessly works with any external reporting system.
  • Provides secure collaboration and sharing among remote users to allow the entire process to work from anywhere.

ScImage believes that every click counts and every extra step is a hindrance to productivity. PICOM365 is an ideal radiology reading environment providing intuitive, effortless presentation of current images with relevant prior images, reports and clinical notes to view the complete exam order - not just one procedure – through the PicomDashboard, which is a customizable reading environment based on your personal preferences.

  • Management of all imaging and non-imaging modalities in Radiology.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic toolset for viewing and measurement.
  • Complete roaming profiles with savable individual user settings.
  • Intelligent prior relevancy algorithms to pick the correct set of priors.
  • Dual volume MPR, sliding slab MIP and curved sliding slab MIP.
  • Advanced module for Mammography with breast Tomosynthesis.
  • PET/CT Image fusion for simultaneous metabolic and anatomical viewing.
  • One-click launch to run any external advanced visualization app.

PICOM365 natively provides different reporting methodologies including voice recognition based self-reporting, dictation-transcription workflow and structured reporting for certain specialties for greater accuracy and clarity of your diagnostic reports. PICOM365 is vendor agnostic and can be customized to integrate with your desired reporting system.

  • Self-reporting with voice recognition printable on site-specific letterhead.
  • Transmits dictation to external transcription service.
  • Native dictation, transcription and signing workflow.
  • Supports all major reporting systems, including PowerScribe 360.
  • Automated workflow triggers to distribute results upon signing.
  • Report distribution via HL7, faxing, email and secure Cloud exchange.
  • provides zero-footprint access to images and reports.

Modern Radiology workflows are complicated for numerous reasons, including multiple sources of imaging exams, complex result distribution to wide audiences, collaboration sessions, critical results reporting and just-in-time prior fetching. PICOM365’s flexible architecture, designed from vast experience, thrives on such complex deployments.

PICOM365’s ability to combine on-premise and Cloud components allow any size institution to engage external referring physicians or import data from outside entities without disturbing network integrity using Also, reading groups can quickly launch using minimal deployment costs and no IT-related delays.

PICOM365 can be initiated in the Cloud and moved on-premise without any data loss and updated with no downtime using just-in-time migration to eliminate bulk costs and delays. PICOM365 is not just for Radiology; it is an Enterprise Imaging solution that covers all departments with built-in VNA functionality.