To assist in the acquisition and quick dissemination of data from the ubiquitous DICOM CD, ScImage has created PicomCloud™, a new web-based utility designed to import DICOM and non-DICOM objects into your PACS.


PicomCloud is a web-based, virtual gateway for the secure acquisition and transfer of DICOM and non-DICOM objects.

Using PicomCloud, authenticated users may upload images or other file objects from a wide array of digital storage media, into your existing PACS – or as a conduit to forward clinical data securely to another location.

Security of transmitted data is assured through the use of SSL/TLS protocols and is FIPS 140-2 compliant.

For auditing purposes, a complete history of events and related transactions are recorded in the SQL database for subsequent query.

With PicomCloud, staff at your facility will have ubiquitous access to securely and easily upload data brought in by your patient population.

This sophisticated yet simple tool requires no training, no installation and leaves no residual data for HIPAA concerns.


When time is critical, your emergency department or surgical staff can have advance access to the inbound patient’s images and other related file based clinical results, for pre-emergent care or pre-surgical planning.

As a trauma center, your community hospitals and other healthcare facilities can readily upload critical patient exams via PicomCloud using nothing more than their web browser. On the receiving end, simply reverse the process. You can access your images securely through our data center; or through your on-site PICOM365 PACS server, or even through a competing PACS system.


Clinical trials, clinical research studies and core labs all share the same difficult challenge of aggregating small amounts of data from a vast array of host locations.

Enter PicomCloud.

With PicomCloud, your source facilities can easily and securely upload data to your own secure virtual database within our PICOM365 data center. And your research funding won’t have to account for the purchase of a separate PACS system.

Of course, if you prefer to use your own imaging applications, our PicomCloud engine can forward exams to your existing PACS or workstation.

Contact us to find out how PicomCloud can help you with your image distribution challenges.