Solutions for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

PICOM365 supports ASC/OBL workflow for Cardiology, Vascular, Orthopedic, Ophthalmology procedures and beyond.

What type of procedures will PICOM365 work well with?

Any procedure that necessitates imaging exams can use PICOM365 for reading, reporting and storage, including, Cardiology, Vascular, Orthopedics and Ophthalmology.

With CMS rule changes, we're considering adding a Cath Lab. Can you help?

Absolutely! PICOM365 integrates with any hemodynamics system to pull all procedural data into our Structured Reports.


If you’re in need of a complete hemodynamics system, we’ve partnered with Fysicon, a Canon company, to offer a powerful and economical bundled solution.

What type of reporting methodologies does PICOM365 support?

PICOM365 works with any external reporting system and features native speech-to-text self-reporting and evidence-based structured reporting tools commonly used in Cardiology and Vascular procedures.

What is the best way for my ASC to deploy PICOM365?

We recommend a pure-Cloud architecture to provide security, to eliminate on-premise IT expenses, and to provide rapid scalability on demand.

How secure is PICOM365?

PICOM365’s architecture is built upon a security-first mindset that features end-to end-encryption of data (at rest and in transit).

I prefer to use an on-premise solution, can PICOM365 still work for me?

Of course! PICOM365 can leverage your existing IT infrastructure and SQL resources to be deployed using minimal computing resources.

Does PICOM365 provide EHR integration?

Yes, PICOM365 can integrate with your EHR or practice management system, giving physicians access to complete imaging exams via sophisticated zero-footprint viewer.

Can I securely share patient images and reports?

PICOM365 utilizes encrypted weblinks to provide media-free image sharing to external audiences.

I’m not sure where to start!

PICOM365 is flexible and scalable for any size organization. Contact us today for a demonstration!

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