Technical & Professional Services

Our US-based team of clinical and technical experts are available to assist with everything from data migration to clinical training.

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Data Security Commitment

Bridging the gap between security and functionality, PICOM365 supports essential security technologies and privacy protocols to help protect your data from unauthorized access.

  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest using TLS-1.2 protocols with AES-256 ciphers, Microsoft Azure SSE and BitLocker.
  • PICOM365 ModalityGuard captures data from modalities in an isolated private network and securely transfers to PICOM365 over the enterprise network.
  • Active Directory integration and Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Internal and external system auditing with audit trails that monitor, record and document access to databases and files. 
  • Annual privacy and security training provided for ScImage employees.
  • Compliance with several regulatory entities, including Department of Defense Risk Management Framework (RMF). 

System Monitoring

Performance and uptime of your PICOM365 system is a key component to our commitment to customer satisfaction. PICOM365 brings proactive monitoring and self-healing mitigation logic to machine-critical diagnostic imaging workflows through automation intelligence with PicomAlerts.

PicomAlerts detects a variety of anomalies, notifies interested parties and takes intelligent action to eliminate or minimize disruptions.

  • PicomAlerts provides monitoring for executables, logs, DICOM services, HL7 services, PICOM services, generic ports and computer health.
  • Shared monitoring and troubleshooting responsibilities of a customer’s enterprise imaging system between local and ScImage support team members.
  • Scalable and efficient implementation and monitoring with PicomSentryPro secure Edge device, pre-configured with PicomAlerts, enables implementation in hours.
  • Improved performance results in reduced support costs.
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Disaster Recovery

ScImage adheres to highly sophisticated data recovery and back-up protocols. PICOM365 Cloud provides inherent disaster recovery capabilities embedded in the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure, where data is stored in georedundant archives, assuring data availability and accessibility.

On-premise PICOM365 users can securely send data to PICOM365 Cloud for disaster recovery and back-up.

  • One-time storage cost per storage agreement
  • Image Life Cycle Management
  • Seamless real-time data transfer
  • No hardware requirement
  • Unlimited storage based on user requirements

Data Migration

Data migration needs vary from customer to customer, so ScImage provides a variety of options to support individual requirements for migration.

  • Standard migration occurs before and during the implementation process and includes matching diagnostic images, demographic patient data and reports.
  • Just-in-time (JIT) migration uses an order-driven workflow to query data from an existing archive in real time. cleansing data on the fly and sending to the new storage platform.
  • Hybrid process migrates a predetermined period of studies for the most frequently required images in combination with JIT order-driven queries.
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Architecture Design & Integration Consulting

ScImage prides itself on our skilled team of technical and clinical experts who support both new customers in the design of the optimal image management solution as well as our existing user base with the resources to modify their installations to meet market changes. Our variety of solution architectures include:

  • PICOM365 Cloud platform as a service (PAAS)
  • PICOM365 Hybrid, combining on-premise Edge hardware with PICOM365 Cloud infrastructure
  • PICOM365 On-premise, hardware-agnostic software solution
  • PICOM365 Interoperability Core, facilitating access to all patient data across multiple locations with various PACS systems

Professional Services

All PICOM365 software is designed and developed in-house. Product development and solution enhancements are driven by customer requirements and industry trends. ScImage prides itself on its agile architecture that affords the ability to deliver progressive features in an expedited fashion.

Our US-based Tech Support team provides ongoing support from “go live” and beyond. From our corporate offices and call center in Los Altos, CA to field staff located throughout the US, technical assistance is just a click away.

  • Project Management
  • Implementation Specialists
  • Field Product Specialists
  • Applications/Enterprise Solutions Specialists
  • Customer Support / Call Center
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Support Services

ScImage offers two levels of support for customers, Standard and Premium. Standard Support offers unlimited telephone, email and remote access support during standard business hours (8AM-5PM, customer’s local time), while Premium Support offers unlimited support and remote access 24/7/365, as well as regular onsite visits. Cloud-only customers may add onsite visits to their contracted support terms.

Remote and onsite systems training is available for new installations or users requiring a refresher and may include user training, clinical features, and system administration. Additionally, ScImage offers advanced System Administrator training at our Los Altos, CA headquarters for in-depth exploration of PICOM365.

Financing Options

ScImage is known for our agility, a philosophy that extends to our financial models:

  • Capital purchase
  • Customized leasing
  • Subscription model
  • PAAS (Platform as a Service)
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