Workflow processing, image presentation and report generation constitute each and every clinical specialty. Those are your rules. They're also ours. All of our Enterprise Imaging solutions are available in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), per-procedure model or traditional purchase. The differentiator in true enterprise imaging is measured by the breadth and scope of the clinical specialties and the flexibility in implementation. At ScImage, we pride ourselves in engineering and delivering clinical solutions based on your workflow, imaging and reporting expectations.


Enterprise Imaging is a robust set of clinical tools that span across departmental boundaries. It’s also an implementation that’s exclusive to your environment and needs.

It might be one part information technology and two parts clinical. Find out how one system can provide both clinical efficiencies and infrastructure savings.


Cardiology has historically been a fragmented department; with separate systems exclusive to their respective applications.

With PICOM365 for Cardiology, you can consolidate your activities into one powerful, portable system, or channel your existing specialty modality-based PACS into one core system. Whatever your needs, ScImage has solutions.


Today’s radiology world has given PACS more efficiencies and intelligence; and more responsibilty.

The combination of RIS workflow and reporting to the core PACS presents rewarding advantages to not only radiology, but your entire enterprise.


Multi-vendor platform and multi-client access, that’s flexible. Web access using HTML5 technologies, that’s powerful.

As your practice or department grows to include other diagnostic services, you’ll feel secure knowing PICOM365 provides a plug-in pathway to grow with you. Whether you simply add stress test reporting or venture into the complex workflow requirements of echocardiography, PICOM365 for ECG is built on an enterprise class platform that does it well.


While radiology and cardiology typically demand the attention and resources in imaging IT, they’re not the only consumer in the store.

Pathology, Dermatology, Endoscopy and other specialty healthcare services can all benefit from the efficiencies of healthcare informatics from ScImage.


Obstetrics, while being a unique specialty with distinct reporting and database requirements, shares many fundamental features as the rest of our clinical specialties – image presentation, measurements and reporting.

ScImage has designed a complete and unsurpassed OB reporting platform based on our anywhere imaging and reporting technologies.


Orthopedic PACS requirements are widely varied: from simple storage and review systems to surgical planning tools to Practice Management System integration.

Whether you’re looking for a hosted, Cloud PACS solution or your own local PACS installation, ScImage has one of the most flexible and reliable Orthopedic PACS available.