We live in a portable, on-demand world. Often, it doesn't matter where the data is stored. What matters is - when you need it, its always there, there are no limitations - and its FAST. That's PicomCloud.

To learn more about cloud based ECG management, please visit For a modest one-time fee per ECG, PicomCloud will provide you with:

  • PICOM365, Professional ECG viewer and editor
  • 7 year ECG storage and access
  • Automated access to priors
  • Platform independent web viewer
  • Unlimited click access

PICOM365 for ECG is more than a simple ECG management system. PICOM365 embodies the essence of our design culture that provides growth pathways in all of our products.

As your practice or department grows to include other diagnostic devices, you’ll rest easy knowing PICOM365 provides a plug-in pathway for your vision. Whether you simply add stress test reporting or venture into echocardiography, PICOM365 is an enterprise class platform that can do it – and do it well.


Designed to ease your workload, not burden it.

PicomCloud for ECG provides different tools to fit different environments. A simple web service can provide ECG upload automation for low volume practices. High volume environments with multiple cardiograph types in a diverse geographic setting may benefit from having a local gateway. Either way, the system is flexible, portable and secure.


Store in the cloud, read from anywhere, share with anyone.

Once your ECGs are securely uploaded and stored in PicomCloud, your office just became virtual. You can use the professional ECG editing tools from anywhere.

When you confirm an ECG record, your preferences allow you to automatically share the confirmed ECG with the primary care physician. They will have read-only access to an interactive, platform independent 12-lead.

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