Multiple departments, one solution. Multiple specialties, all in one platform; one database. All of our Enterprise Imaging solutions are available in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), per-procedure model or traditional capital purchase.


Enterprise Imaging starts with knowledge. Access to timely and relevant information provides that knowledge.

Clinical intelligence is derived from access to all relevant data surrounding a patient’s treatment. The more timely and complete the clinical picture is, the more accurate the diagnosis and treatment plan will be.

With an Enterprise Imaging implementation from ScImage, your clinicians can benefit from anywhere access to all imaging and related reporting created within the scope of your enterprise.

And all of your imaging and reporting applications will be web enabled, so generating new reports becomes timelier too.

  • Comprehensive and professional imaging applications for your most demanding image producing departments.
  • Elegant and extensive structured reporting and voice reporting from anywhere.
  • Standardized interoperability with existing or new specialized imaging workstations.
  • Image enabled capability for smart phones and similar devices.


From order placement to final report delivery and billing triggers, all with automation. PICOM365 provides efficiencies across the spectrum of care.

Our PICOM365 platform offers process efficiencies by automating the collection and presentation of data within and through your clinical systems, for a truly integrated enterprise.

Throughout the course of clinical care, our technologies can assist in the movement and dissemination of data: driving the modality via DICOM worklist; linking technologists’ observations to the exam for physicians’ awareness; aggregating patient data and exam data in the preliminary report to accelerate the reporting process and automatically delivering signed reports to systems and stakeholders.


Redundancy is a redeeming quality in the design of mission-critical systems. However, redundancy can be a burden with unnecessary replication. With an Enterprise Imaging implementation from ScImage, duplicate systems become obsolete.

Redundant infrastructure. Core servers and systems that provide the same service, but only to different departments. Providing backups, interfaces and support for multiple vendors. It all stretches your information technology budget and adds FTE’s.

With a multi-department or Enterprise Imaging Solution from ScImage, your IT group can focus on productive activities rather than redundant activities. Imagine the savings in time and effort in providing hardware and interface support for one vendor rather than four; providing end user support for a single Enterprise Imaging Solution rather than multiple department specific islands.

That’s intelligent and efficient. That’s ScImage.


The economies of an Enterprise Imaging installation are realized almost immediately in the reduction and elimination of repeat costs.

Consider the costs of independent, departmental PACS:

  • Multiple independent PACS installations requiring support contracts.
  • Multiple independent hardware platforms requiring support contracts.
  • Costly and repeated integration costs with your HIS or Practice Management System.
  • Costly and repeated integration costs with your EMR.
  • Expensive, duplicate archive and disaster recovery products.

A single, Enterprise Imaging Solution offers many advantages over independent PACS products. A standards based, open platform implementation from ScImage provides the extra security of knowing your system will grow with you.


Information is power. Having your data structured and categorized in a relational database for clinical research and administrative decision support is an invaluable tool.

Our clinical database gathers measurement and demographic data from multiple modalities for statistical reporting and accreditation purposes. Sites may gather data types specific to their environment in support of cross-modality outcomes analysis. This clinical information management module is an open database solution, which allows for limitless customization.

From a statistical reporting standpoint, the system administration console assists in record keeping and reporting for national registry support, such as ICAEL, ICAVL, ICANL, NCDR, CathPCI and STS. This flexible tool helps simplify your continuous quality improvement efforts.

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