For those who demand more from their PACS, ScImage has developed PICOM SR (Structured Reporting) for Obstetrics.

PICOM Structured Reporting for OB is a comprehensive, web based report generation platform with a flexible underlying database.

PICOM/SR for OB provides automation in the reporting process through automated input of relevant prior procedural data points along with the automated capture of relevant measurements from the ultrasound machine. All intended in getting you through an accurate, complete report as quickly as possible.


Our Obstetric PACS garners its power from PICOM365; our powerful, web-based, multi-specialty image and information management system.

ScImage provides an array of built in tools for image measurement and manipulation, for static or dynamic ultrasound images.

During image review, selective study images can be annotated and included in the final report to present a multimedia report view along with selected growth charts.

Through PICOM365, your imaging and reporting tools are available virtually anywhere. Our completely web-based platform assures portability and with our HyperStreaming® technology, your images arrive in an instant.


ScImage’s professional structured reporting tools promote accuracy, quality and timeliness.

The structured nature of PICOM/SR guides the practitioner through the reporting process, virtually assuring the complete collection of relevant data during the examination.

Included in the reporting tool are a comprehensive selection of GA and fetal biometry equations to track fetal growth during gestation.

Growth curve charts are automatically generated and enable users to easily track fetal development and immediately identify if there are any abnormal indications.

PICOM/SR provides an intuitive process for creating a complete, yet concise OB report. Other important features include:

  • Completely web based reporting with the native ability to deliver modified measurement data to the clinical database for subsequent statistical or outcomes based analysis.
  • Fully customizable report layout with selectable item descriptions and content.
  • Ultrasound measurement capture, with data pre-populated into report data fields for quick report generation.
  • As part of our PICOM365 platform, PICOM-SR for OB includes multiple report distribution options, whether you require HL7 based results, or full multi-media object access through your Electronic Medical Record or Practice Management System.
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