With nearly two decades experience developing professional quality imaging solutions for the healthcare industry, ScImage understands the challenges involved in implementing PACS technology in the private practice market. Among the more traditional PACS requirements, Orthopedic PACS must be cost effective, completely portable and highly scalable. Trust ScImage to deliver the tools you need for your Orthopedic Clinic.


Whether you own a practice management system or need integrated scheduling with order entry, ScImage can provide the technological experience to help bring process efficiencies to your clinical setting.

Our PICOM365™ platform combines secure, web-enabled, technologies with a powerful clinical workflow engine to deliver an extensive array of diagnostic imaging and reporting tools to your desktop, wherever that might be.

In an Orthopedic setting, PICOM365 enables greater patient throughput using fewer staff by streamlining patient visits. Scheduling, exam order entry, modality worklist, review of completed images and surgical planning are completed using a single solution.

Orthopedic workflow requires tight integration with existing practice management or EMR systems. ScImage delivers sophisticated integration tools to make this integration seamless to the user. Our goal is in sync with yours; to deliver the required content, digital images, reports, annotated images and completed surgical plans when and where it is needed.


PICOM365 offers a host of advanced visualization tools – for routine image review through large volumetric reconstructions.

Inside PICOM365 are traditional 2D imaging applications enhanced with the native ability to manage and present large image data sets like MRI or digital arthroscopy, along with built-in measurement tools designed specifically for orthopedic analysis.

In addition, ScImage has partnered with the leading provider of digital templating tools for joint replacement; including templates from all major manufacturers of orthopedic implants, Trauma Planning, Limb Alignment and Pediatric & Deformity planning tools.

Thoughtful engineering in the user interface is specifically designed to minimize clicks-to-actions, to help you get through your workload. And with our web-server based design, you have rapid access to your images and related content in all of your exam rooms or virtually anywhere on the planet you choose to work.


ScImage’s professional radiology reporting tools promote accuracy, quality and timeliness.

Your final report represents knowledge derived from an aggregate of resources, not simply the current image set. ScImage technologies provide event triggered automatic access to your preferred historical data, whether images, reports, or both. Get the full picture with ScImage.

ScImage provides intelligent tools for dictation based reporting or voice recognition self-reporting. With voice recognition reporting, your voice profile and preferences follow you, wherever you log in. Voice recognition reporting also helps promote content accuracy and quality through the use of voice activated report templates. Your templates also provide consistency in your reporting and billing processes.


Different sites have different needs.
You may not want the burden of having your own local PACS. A fee-per-study Cloud PACS solution may be more suitable. Or you may have an EHR and multiple locations. Have high expectations. ScImage can help.

PICOM365 provides nearly two decades of development expertise in healthcare imaging and advanced visualization.

Some implementations require more than a simple box and an “on” switch. Some need image routing from multiple locations (sometimes hundreds of sites). Some require access to prior data residing in systems owned by third parties. Some implementations need report routing back to the point of care, using a combination of technologies.

At ScImage, we’re connecting 159 hospitals across the U.S. to distribute and share the radiology reading workload. We’ve also built one of the largest Cloud PACS installations in commercial use today, providing web-based reading and reporting tools.

Ask us how we can help you with your PACS implementation.

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