PICOM365 for ECG Management is more than a basic ECG management system. PICOM365 embodies the essence of our design culture that provides growth pathways in all of our products.

As your practice or department grows to include other diagnostic services, you’ll feel secure knowing PICOM365 provides a plug-in pathway to grow with you. Whether you simply add stress test reporting or venture into the complex workflow requirements of echocardiography, PICOM365 for ECG is built on an enterprise class platform that can do it – and do it well.


For ECG acquisition, HL7, DICOM, SCP, and IHE.

PICOM365’s comprehensive ECG management functions rival best in class functionality. It’s the workflow, interoperability and web presentation of PICOM365 that creates a chasm of differentiation.

PICOM365 for ECG provides flexible workflow tools for self-reporting, collaborative editing or over-reading. Additionally, the system has the intelligence to manage unconventional processes such as unordered and stat ECGs; local and remote acquisition, along with clinical trials and research settings.


Waveforms rendered on the fly, not from pdf.

For superior presentation of ECGs in your EMR, our PICOM365 platform renders resting ECG waveforms on the fly from raw waveform data. This interactive web interface allows for manipulation of ECG gain and time-base (speed) to observe the most intricate morphology variations.

Best of all, our web presentation utility requires no installation and leaves no residual data behind on the client. The philosophy behind the system’s design is universal access. We’ve accomplished this by adhering to industry standards, which allow access through all major web browsers and compatibility with all major operating systems.

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