It's referred to by many names: Cloud PACS, Hosted PACS, Offsite PACS or Software as a Service (SaaS). In the end, its a viable and financially compelling alternative to the IT burden of an on-premises PACS. In the fall of 2000, ScImage launched PicomOnline, our online PACS data center. Known today as PICOM365, it is engineered using the same software as our acclaimed on premises PICOM365 platform. Today, our PICOM365 cloud service is one of the largest PACS installations in ordinary clinical use.


For those that don’t have the resources to manage their own PACS, ScImage has a solution: PicomCloud.

ScImage has introduced PicomCloud as an adjunct service to our PICOM365 data center.

For a modest fee per study, PICOM365 provides online storage, reading and reporting tools for your clinical specialty.


For those providing reading services over a geographically disperse area, ScImage has your link.

Using our PICOM365 data center, ScImage can link you to your client hospitals and imaging centers to provide primary reading and reporting services.

With bi-directional reporting, advanced image presentation tools and your hanging protocols all online, your work just got simpler.


Simply need an offsite insurance policy for your critical data? ScImage has the technology.

Our PICOM365 data center operates in a secure commercial bunker providing Disaster Recovery services for over 1.5 million exams per year.

If and when you need your data, you can simply log in to view it, have us return copies electronically, or return your data via hard media.


Beyond basic disaster recovery, ScImage also offers an advanced level of service for continuing business operations.

PICOM365 can be configured to act as a surrogate PACS on demand. Think of it as a duplicate of your in-house PACS.

All of your data, reports, users and preferences are mirrored to our data center. That’s a compelling differentiator.

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