Telemedicine tends to be thought of exclusively as a radiology tool – think Teleradiology: remote reading and collaboration for a timely diagnosis. Extend that principle to cardiology or other ‘ologies, for reading cardiac catheterization, cardiac echo, nuclear medicine studies and everyday ECG’s. Add in remote diagnostic reporting. Now you’re talking Telemedicine. Most PACS systems offer some limited semblance of Telemedicine. ScImage can give you the full PACS system. The difference? Picom365™

PICOM365 - a complete cloud PACS

PICOM365 is our remote data center platform. Using our PICOM365 online PACS service, our clients may access a complete hosted PACS system; interact with a web based telemedicine service or access replicated data for business continuity in the event of catastrophic local data loss. You choose which service level you need.

Benefits of PICOM365 for telemedicine include:

  • Complete web-based PACS system with intelligent delivery of current images along with prior images and prior reports all in one reading packet.
  • Shared worklist with real time updates of other readers’ activity and new inbound studies.
  • Intelligent work-load routing engine based on sub-specialty, source, modality, or anatomy.
  • Automatic delivery of signed reports to the point of origin.
  • Flexible reporting tools.
  • Economical delivery of images and reports to your referring physician community.
  • HIPAA compliant secure data center and data delivery.

Added benefits of using PICOM365 cloud PACS

  • Always the latest software release with the newest tools.
  • No annual service contract costs.
  • No capital cost for servers and archive technologies.
  • No remote access concerns through your firewall to your server.
  • As an SaaS provider, ScImage delivers a complete hosted PACS with minimal IT staff support required.

Primary reporting in a distributed world

Telemedicine needn't be limited to preliminary interpretations. With a telemedicine solution from ScImage, you can get your work done right - the first time. Using our secure, web based technology, ScImage delivers your reporting tools to you, enabling you to generate signed final reports, with automated distribution back to the point of care. Your preferred reporting method doesn't change to adapt to your location either. Whether your reporting is based on textual templates, dictation / transcription or voice recognition self reporting, ScImage delivers. We've refined and proven this technology with a widely respected, nationwide healthcare provider with over 150 connected hospitals.

Get the complete picture with prior reports

To accomplish primary reading, one needs primary information. The current study images, the prior relevant study images and the prior relevant reports. If having access to prior images influences your diagnosis, wouldn't having access to prior reports be equally influential? To that end, ScImage has developed a Global ReportBank Explorer. This exciting new technology becomes a clinical information enabler. In a distributed or remote reading environment, typical telemedicine or PACS systems lack the ability to aggregate and present reports in a logical and useful manner. Until now. Contact us to find out more about this remarkable new product.

Facts about our PICOM365 cloud service

Our secure data center shares co-located infrastructure with other industry leaders such as Yahoo!, Charles Schwab and Google. These HIPAA compliant data center facilities are biometrically secure, have full back up power generation, redundant HVAC systems, state of the art fire suppression and provides 24/7/365 onsite staffing. ScImage set the standard with our online PACS service, eEngineered and brought online in 2000. ScImage clients rely on PICOM365 for day to day business operations; you can trust PICOM365 for your telemedicine services too. Whether you’re looking for a solution for your department, hospital or enterprise, contact us. Let us know how we can help.

Let us know how we can help.

Whether you’re looking for a solution for your department, hospital or enterprise, contact us.

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