When you’re looking for a solution to address the challenges of reading for multiple contract facilities, look to ScImage as the PACS interoperability expert. We’ve provided virtual centralized reading and reporting for over 150 facilities nationwide.


With ScImage’s virtualization and integration expertise, we’ll help you improve diagnostic confidence, accuracy, quality and throughput.

You can realize considerable savings with PICOM365. Your image visualization tools are built in, as are your reporting applications, integration interface toolkit and workflow engine. PICOM365 is a flexible, web-enabled PACS with business intelligence built-in. Simply put, there’s no need to purchase separate RIS and PACS products.

  • One virtual worklist with distributed workload allocation based on specialty, site, modality and credentials.
  • HL7 orders trigger pre-fetch of images and reports.
  • Provides the reading physician with a complete reading packet of current and prior images along with prior reports.
  • Flexible reporting tools including dictation / transcription, voice recognition, user-customizable macro based templates or a hybrid of these technologies.
  • Designed specifically for radiologists needing a complete reading packet for final report interpretation, regardless of reading location or data origination.
  • Capable of auto report routing back to the point of care.
  • Available as a capital purchase or on a per-procedure basis (SaaS).

For information about specific imaging capabilities, please explore the Clinical Solutions section here.


Remote reading needn’t be limited to preliminary interpretations. With a consolidated PACS solution from ScImage, you can get your work done right – the first time.

Using our secure, web based technology, ScImage delivers your reporting tools to you, enabling you to generate signed final reports, with automated distribution back to the point of care.

Your preferred reporting method doesn’t change to adapt to your location either. Whether your reporting is based on textual templates, dictation / transcription or voice recognition self reporting, ScImage delivers. We’ve refined and proven this technology with a widely respected, nationwide healthcare provider with over 150 connected hospitals.


To accomplish primary reading, one needs primary information. The current study images, the prior relevant study images and the prior relevant reports.

If having access to prior images influences your diagnosis, wouldn’t having access to prior reports be equally influential?

To that end, ScImage has developed a Global ReportBank Explorer. This exciting new technology becomes a clinical information enabler. In a distributed or remote reading environment, typical telemedicine or PACS systems lack the ability to aggregate and present reports in a logical and useful manner. Until now.

Contact us to find out how ScImage can help you build your clinical reading service.

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