To accommodate the proliferation of PACS content through Electronic Health Record (EHR) portals, ScImage engineered PicomWeb™. PicomWeb is a zero-install, zero-latency universal viewing tool for management and distribution of all PACS content to your EHR; dynamic or static images, document objects, even EKG's.


PicomWeb is the ultimate image and clinical object enabler for complete enterprise content management.

With PicomWeb, your EHR can be fully capable of presenting all of the content stored in a PACS system to your clinical community.

All data presented in PicomWeb is delivered in context to its native format. Documents appear as documents; static images like CT & MRI present as a stack of images and dynamic images like cardiac cath and echo are presented in full motion.

This sophisticated yet simple tool requires no training, no installation and leaves no residual data for HIPAA concerns.

  • Zero-install client built on HTML5 technology provides anywhere access to PACS content.
  • Zero-latency content presentation leaves no residual footprint from applications, nor any protected patient content on the local viewing client.
  • Basic tools are provided for window / level and magnification of static image content.
  • Microsoft Active Directory compliant simplifies user access management.
  • Presents diagnostic quality ECG tracings over a self-standardized grid.
  • On demand drill back access to priors.


With PicomWeb, you can aggregate multiple independent PACS systems through one image enabling tool.

There are a number of methods that can be employed, which will allow you to use PicomWeb as a single conduit through your EHR to any or all of your existing specialty PACS installations.

ScImage can implement PicomWeb in conjunction with a vendor-neutral archive, or via DICOM Query / Retrieve to independent PACS, or through a temporary, global image cache.


ScImage has engineered integration hooks into PicomWeb already, so you don’t have to worry about it later. We did our homework.

In order to simplify the authentication process through your EHR, PicomWeb can be linked through Microsoft Active Directory. No secondary logins; no herculean IT efforts are required for creating new user accounts.

PicomWeb has been integrated with most major EHR vendor’s products already. ScImage has designed and implemented EHR-to-PACS connections using encrypted URL pointers, HL7 notification, xml data feed or code-to-code API interfaces. Let us know what you have; we’ll point you in the right direction.


PicomWeb’s flexible platform is compatible with most major operating systems, and any browser supporting HTML5 technology. PicomWeb is also optimized for operation on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

What that means is you’ll enjoy anywhere access using Microsoft, Apple or Linux desktop; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari – without downloading an App.

Contact us for details on how we can deploy PicomWeb for your EHR.

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