Solutions for Practices

PICOM365’s end-to-end diagnostic workflow and image life-cycle management is a flexible and secure imaging solution for any size practice. Whether you have one office or offices at multiple locations, PICOM365 optimizes your practice by unifying your images, reports and workflow documents, allowing you to share your worklist easily from any location.

What type of practices will PICOM365 work well with?

Any practice that generates imaging exams, specifically Radiology imaging centers, Cardiology (including ECG management), Orthopedics, OB, Ophthalmology and more; PICOM365 works well with any discipline’s imaging.

What type of reporting methodologies does PICOM365 support?

PICOM365 works with any external reporting system and features native speech-to-text self-reporting and evidence-based structured reporting tools commonly used in Cardiology, as well as other disciplines.

Does PICOM365 support advanced third-party image analysis tools?

PICOM365 will integrate most third-party advanced tools, and also features advanced native tools, to provide a transparent, ubiquitous user experience.

What is the best way for my practice to deploy PICOM365?

Most practices prefer a pure-Cloud deployment because this method is secure, eliminates on-premise IT expenses and provides for rapid scalability on demand.

What if I prefer an on-premises solution for my practice?

PICOM365 can be deployed on-premise with full-functionality if you so desire and have the necessary IT resources in place to support an on-premise solution.

I want my physicians to be able to read and report from any location.

PICOM365 gives physicians complete access to their patient exams from anywhere on any device using our universal web viewer, which supports auto-faxing among other remote reporting tools.

Will I be able to seamlessly image-enable the EHR?

Yes, PICOM365 can be fully embedded into any EHR with access to complete exams using our sophisticated web viewer and operates as a plug-n-play application if your EHR is from one of our partners such as Nextgen.

What if I’m dealing with multiple ordering systems due to satellite facilities?

PICOM365 easily engages multiple Ordering systems with transparent MPI translation.

Will I be able to access to my audit, outcomes and patient databases?

PICOM365 embraces an open database - it is your database after all! Use our extensive analytics or export data to improve your overall data analytics.

Can I securely share patient images and reports externally?

PICOM365’s uses encrypted weblinks that provide media-free image and report sharing to external audiences on an ad hoc basis.

I’m not sure where to start!

We can start small with a practice to demonstrate the exceptional capability of PICOM365 and, if you wish, extend to the next practice and the next...and the next; PICOM365 is flexible and scalable for any size organization!

Can I try self-service PicomCloud and upgrade to full service later?

Yes, of course! You can begin with any of our software systems and upgrade anytime you want with all your patient data intact.