Is Your Enterprise PACS Just Smoke & Mirrors?

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A cohesive approach to imaging is the objective behind the new FDA nomenclature for PACS, “MIMPS” (Medical Image Management and Processing System).  Seamless connectivity of all imaging systems in the healthcare enterprise requires more than a homogenous method for storing data. MIMPS requires a comprehensive approach to all of imaging’s needs: viewing, reporting, data exchange […]

PICOM365: Your Data Clearing House

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Data access came to the forefront of healthcare during the pandemic; key to how to optimize patient care in the here and now but equally important, data for the future. The access to the right data with analytic tools and the ability to combine and share data has never been so important. Health care specialists […]

Break Free From Siloed Imaging

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The high costs associated with acquiring and supporting standard siloed imaging data systems cannot be underestimated. A variety of costs that add to the equation and continue to add up over time include: Hardware to house and support the software Implementation Initial and on-going training Maintenance agreements Variety of support resources for a variety of […]

ScImage White Paper: Leveraging Cloud-Centric Technology in the ASC/OBL Setting

Careful thought and strategic planning are needed to manage the accelerated shift to ambulatory interventional labs and avoid additional strain on the industry’s efforts to assure intentional, well managed care transitions. In an effort to meet the needs of the growing ambulatory surgical center/office-based lab (ASC/OBL) market, ScImage now offers a game-changing solution: a fully […]

Will You Be a Hacker’s Next Target?

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Cybersecurity interruptions have become a consistent concern for IT departments, both at large enterprise organizations and smaller institutions. Patient data can be penetrated from many angles, and imaging data has been identified as one of the most vulnerable areas within healthcare.  Older modalities on the network and unsecured data access are weak points in any […]

Elevate Your Imaging Workflow

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The changing healthcare landscape over the last year has brought to the forefront the inherent need for Cloud-based image management workflow that addresses the industry’s top concerns:  Security Scalability Access Simplicity   Many imaging vendors claim they are playing in the Cloud arena, but their “Cloud” could simply be a hosted solution where software is […]

Optimize Efficiency with the Cloud

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ScImage knows that the critical value of physician time cannot be underestimated. PICOM365 Structured Reporting puts speed and efficiency at the forefront. Viewing and reporting for every modality is standardized, optimizing productivity for every cardiology discipline. Workflow that eliminates unnecessary clicks for both clinical staff and physicians are core to our Structured Reporting design: Hard […]

ScImage White Paper: Powering Complex Clinical Workflow with Intelligent Cloud Computing

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Cloud-based workflow plays a major role as cardiovascular programs strive to achieve the Quadruple Aim for better outcomes, lower costs, and improved patient and clinician experience. In part one of a three part white paper series, the Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin (HVIW) shares their experience with PICOM365 to create an integrated imaging and […]

The Future of Image Sharing

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The winds of change continue to impact imaging, with more mergers and acquisitions announced on what seems like a daily basis. When new partner organizations collide, especially when their product directions are diverse, the future is uncertain, and customers usually suffer. What does the recent announcement of Microsoft’s Nuance acquisition mean for the future of […]

Demystifying Data Exchange with PicomShare

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Practices are juggling imaging data between offices and the hospital, while physicians want the freedom to read and report from any location, even from home. Is the new healthcare paradigm highlighting the deficiencies in your organization’s ability to effectively access and share imaging data?  With scalable Image Exchange and Interoperability toolsets, PICOM365 provides 360-degree data exchange […]