Introduction to PACS in Cardiology

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Discover how Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) are changing the game in cardiology. Learn about the benefits, functionality, and future developments of this game-changing technology.

Don’t be Confused by “Fake Cloud” Promises

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At HIMSS22, imaging vendors will promise visions of grandeur about moving images to their Cloud environment.  Don’t be confused: there is a significant difference between pure Cloud software – multi-tenant applications built on Cloud platforms from the ground up – and what can be thought of as “fake Cloud,” or a poorly constructed hosted solution. […]

Dataflow: The Road To Success

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Healthcare never seems to slow down, and some aspects seem to move at warp speed.  The amount of data, especially imaging data, is growing exponentially. The overall volume of all electronic data doubles every two years; however, healthcare data outperforms this estimate and is expected to be the highest data growth business sector with a compound annual growth […]

Who’s Behind the Wheel?

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The days of driving to remote locations to read are a thing of the past. Today, Radiologists are faced with a new dilemma of maneuvering technology to bring the data to them, navigating multiple PACS viewers, various dictation systems, limited or no access to prior studies, and studies that simply never arrive. PICOM365 puts you […]

Talk is Cheap

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No imaging technology has been as misrepresented as much as Enterprise Imaging. Today’s siloed PACS vendors are marketing their fragmented solutions, made up of odds and ends of purchased technology, under the cloak of Enterprise. Even highly regarded “industry experts” have fallen prey to these false claims, hyping up these piecemeal systems year after year […]

Navigating the Data Highway

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Remember when? The once-envied position of a Radiologist sitting behind a workstation with dedicated resources assuring the right imaging-related data was available is now a thing of the past. In the good old days, someone even used to hang your films for you. While the requirements remain the same for data from multiple sources needed […]

PACS in Pieces

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The “Other Guys” basic PACS (review, report, store) $ 3rd party image exchange add-on $$ 3rd party analytics add-on $$$ 3rd party interoperability engine add-on $$$$ 3rd party DICOM/HL7 broker $$$$$ PICOM365 All-in-One Enterprise Imaging Solution… PRICELESS! While other PACS companies are buying technology to piece into their offering or substituting 3rd party technologies, all […]

Case Study: Foothill Cardiology

Case Study Foothill Cardiology California Heart Medical Group

Enhancing the physician experience and improving patient care. Founded in 1997, Foothill Cardiology Medical Group focuses on providing high quality, comprehensive cardiovascular care to patients, their families and the community, within a compassionate and service-oriented environment. Foothill Cardiology Medical Group is South­ern California, San Gabriel Valley’s largest cardiovascular practice with 19 board certified cardiologists who […]

Case Study: Synergy Radiology Associates

Case study synergy radiology associates

Flexible cloud-based PACS platform for fast and accurate reporting. Synergy Radiology Associates is Houston’s premier radiology team, comprised of more than 75 Board Certified Radiologists and one of the fastest growing radiology groups in the county. We sat down with J. Armando Saenz, M.D. to discuss how the flexibility of, ScImage’s cloud-based PACS has supported […]

Case Study: Butler Health System

Case study Butler Health System

Workflow and Connectivity Drives Growth Neighbors taking care of neighbors, with the technology and clinical expertise equal to or surpassing a big city hospital – that’s the approach that Butler Health System Cardiovascular Services takes as it delivers top-quality cardiology services. Founded in 1898, BHS has numerous locations throughout Butler, Pennsylvania and surrounding counties. With […]

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