A New Normal: Practices’ Reemergence

As states begin limited stages of reopening, medical practices and imaging centers need to be prepared for the “new normal.”  Industry experts are offering areas of consideration to accommodate patient contact and scheduling.  Key to your new processes, providers should take into consideration the safety of both patients and staff:

  • Develop a plan for all areas of your practice, and include various departments in the planning
  • Implement continuous cleaning procedures – removing chairs and unnecessary items will eliminate areas to be cleaned and for possible infection spread
  • Minimize time with the patient – quick in and quick out (this will also improve productivity)
  • Minimize the number of patients that must come to the office – determine what exams can be handled via Telemedicine and who qualities for face to face visits or imaging

PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging has built-in workflows to support your facility as you address these processes, including:

  • EHR integration for Modality Worklist that minimizes the time staff needs to spend on exams
  • Optimized reporting solutions, including Structured Reporting with automated measurement input, that eliminate time and staff resources required to generate results. Ultrasound, Echocardiology, Stress, and even Nuclear Cardiology can be significantly impacted.
  • Customized report templates to meet your accreditation protocol requirements due to limiting scanning exposure.  Streamline your reporting workflow with auto-populated content.
  • Remote, media-free image sharing that eliminates the need for patients collect required images and clinicians’ pertinent prior studies in person
  • Access images, read and report from anywhere, including post-processing, eliminating the need to be onsite at a workstation
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