Another One Bites the Dust

Providing a successful enterprise image management solution that goes beyond storing and displaying images is not for the faint of heart. Keeping up with the requirements of image data, multiple locations, customers support, seamless EHR integration and remote access takes a unique system design and organizational approach.

While other companies are either selling out or buying intellectual property to band-aid into their offering, hoping for a patchwork system that can check the boxes, ScImage stands strong.

PICOM365 delivers more:

  • Flexible on-premise, hybrid and pure Cloud architectures that offer consistent solutions to meet ALL customer needs.
  • Optimization of enterprise imaging, enabling intelligent workflow for every imaging department.
  • Sophisticated Structured Reporting that streamlines care, supports data accuracy, and enables analytic capabilities.
  • Secure solutions that protect imaging data within the four walls of the practice and everywhere it is sent, leveraging the Cloud for media-free image exchange.
  • Stability of an organization who has both the financial strength and engineering agility to meet users’ growing needs without depending on mergers, acquisitions, and next year’s balance sheet (without concern for their customers).

ScImage is committed to our philosophy of customers first, not profits, allowing you to continue to provide excellent patient care. Contact us to see why PICOM365 is the future of imaging – way Beyond PACS.

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