Bet on the Clear Winner

In the chaos wrapped around the Cloud in healthcare, it can often feel like “madness”.  As healthcare aggressively moves toward Cloud adoption, make sure you understand what you are moving towards. Every PACS company is promising the Cloud, but not all Clouds are the same.

  • Is their offering a hosted system, nothing more than your individual servers installed offsite?
  • Is a full on-premise solution being offered, with limited Cloud functionality as an add-on?
  • What functionality does their Cloud offer beyond storage, viewing, or disaster recovery? Does their Cloud provide advanced post-processing and reporting from anywhere?
  • How cost-conscious is the offering you are being presented?

ScImage’s PICOM365 Cloud is different. Optimizing edge devices at your location, PICOM365 delivers a true Cloud experience, delivering any image, anywhere, any time with everything you have come to expect from an on-site installation, and more.

  • Security
  • Full functionality
  • Scalability
  • Redundancy
  • Performance

See why other major healthcare organizations are betting on ScImage: PICOM365 brings 27 years of image management experience and 20 years of Cloud optimization to the game.  Contact us to see how PICOM365 is Cloud Done Right!

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