Break Free From Siloed Imaging

The high costs associated with acquiring and supporting standard siloed imaging data systems cannot be underestimated. A variety of costs that add to the equation and continue to add up over time include:

  • Hardware to house and support the software
  • Implementation
  • Initial and on-going training
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Variety of support resources for a variety of solutions
  • And of course, the product itself


This cycle is replicated for each siloed PACS solution installed: Radiology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Women’s Health, ECG Management, Orthopedics, and on and on.

An enterprise imaging solution that includes all imaging disciplines and all DICOM and non-DICOM modalities in one cohesive package eliminates replication of both cost and effort. Add to that the cost savings realized by a Cloud-smart architecture, and the result is significant operational efficiencies across the board. 

Industry experts agree that a Cloud-based enterprise strategy makes sense, and that ScImage has the best handle on this market. Frost & Sullivan has awarded ScImage the 2020 North American Cloud-based Enterprise Imaging Solutions Enabling Technology Leadership Award. They did your research, so see why now’s the time to make a move to PICOM365 Cloud for your comprehensive imaging strategy.

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