Breaking News: ScImage Delivers Industry’s Largest Multitenant Cloud PACS

ScImage Delivers Industry’s Largest Multitenant Cloud PACS

Enterprise Imaging Workflow Leverages Microsoft Azure Cloud

Los Altos, CA – February 24, 2022 – ScImage, Inc., a leading provider of Cloud-centric enterprise imaging and reporting solutions for all ‘Ologies, delivers the largest multitenant Cloud PACS in the industry. Powered by a single unified elastic infrastructure within Microsoft Azure, ScImage’s PICOM365 delivers full functioning capabilities of on-premise PACS software solutions in a flexible, scalable, and secure True Cloud environment.

The unique and intelligent architecture of PICOM365 allows users to access the service from multiple egress points across multiple geographical regions to provide ultimate availability. Customer-specific clinical workflows are orchestrated by the Cloud with the help of thousands of Edge devices that gather and/or disseminate images, waveforms, reports, and other data via a variety of interfaces to on-premise resources. Image access latencies, even for extremely large echocardiography-like studies, are virtually eliminated by built-in last mile optimized image streaming algorithms. Institution-specific EHR systems receive signed reports, discrete data and cloud image pointers per their specifications, and web viewing within the EHR is seamlessly provided from the Cloud.

PICOM365 Cloud architecture has been designed to take full advantage of the immense layers of advanced security features within MS Azure, integrated seamlessly with the multi-layered security controls and minimal attack surface built into the application itself.  All data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit using strong AES-256 cipher suites defined in the TLS1.2 and TLS1.3 protocols.  All PHI data transferred from a secure network to PICOM365 Cloud is initiated from a secure Edge device within the firewall from the inside out, never requiring VPN tunnels, inbound ports or exposing IP addresses to the public internet. 

“Empowering customers to bring their own user identity management framework to plug on top of our secure unified infrastructure sets ScImage apart in this security-first healthcare IT environment,” said Sai Raya, Ph.D., ScImage’s Founder and CEO.

Monitoring such a massive collection of heterogeneous Edge devices, end points and custom interfaces is vital to meet uptime guarantees. Proactive mitigation of performance glitches is essential to delivering uninterrupted service. PICOM365 employs thousands of workflow automation bots that constantly monitor various factors, including system metrics, workflow triggers and data flow glitches. When an anomaly is detected, these bots perform self-healing mitigations to correct the issue without any human intervention and engage support staff only when manual intervention is absolutely necessary.

Dr. Raya concluded, “Economies of scale are allowing us to democratize delivering uncompromised site-specific clinical workflow functionality, with minimal IT spending or human involvement, contained within an uncompromised Cloud-Edge secure framework that is second to none.”

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