Dataflow: The Road To Success

Healthcare never seems to slow down, and some aspects seem to move at warp speed.  The amount of data, especially imaging data, is growing exponentially. The overall volume of all electronic data doubles every two years; however, healthcare data outperforms this estimate and is expected to be the highest data growth business sector with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36 percent through 2025.

Between managing this tremendous amount of patient data along with an increased demand for real-time access to complete patient records, IT is faced with providing the right storage strategy and infrastructure to handle the different data types and deliver the appropriate data to the required solution in a useable format.

ScImage provides a ubiquitous information highway supporting the requirements of your enterprise’s IT ecosystem.  Whether population health, analytics, billing, post-processing, or artificial intelligence, PICOM365 builds a freeway for all data to enter and exit as needed.

PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging is the only solution that supports the future, is looking ahead, and has your data needs in the forefront of its design.

Visit us at HIMSS booth 2141 to see how PICOM365 drives access to all patient data within your institution and beyond your enterprise.

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