Demystifying Data Exchange with PicomShare

Practices are juggling imaging data between offices and the hospital, while physicians want the freedom to read and report from any location, even from home. Is the new healthcare paradigm highlighting the deficiencies in your organization’s ability to effectively access and share imaging data? 

With scalable Image Exchange and Interoperability toolsets, PICOM365 provides 360-degree data exchange that enables your organization to integrate outside imaging data automatically, securely, and cost-effectively. 

PicomShare allows organizations to receive outside studies with the click of a button. Physicians and patients can be directed to a customized webpage to securely upload images.  Your organization can eliminate the need for CDs and couriers, saving you time and money with no additional third party purchases needed.  

See how PICOM365 Cloud allows you to leave the ties to your workstation behind and experience true interoperability. 

  • Eliminate security concerns
  • Support a single viewing and reporting solution
  • Securely distribute data with versatile business rules
  • Compliment your unique workflow requirements with Cloud or hybrid deployments
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