Don’t be Confused by “Fake Cloud” Promises

At HIMSS22, imaging vendors will promise visions of grandeur about moving images to their Cloud environment.  Don’t be confused: there is a significant difference between pure Cloud software – multi-tenant applications built on Cloud platforms from the ground up – and what can be thought of as “fake Cloud,” or a poorly constructed hosted solution.

It is all about the architecture, and the benefits of a True Cloud will pay dividends to your practice for years to come.  Leveraging the best elements of an optimized Cloud design with a state-of-art, experienced PACS solution is the key to success for your Image Management strategy.

PICOM365 Cloud, designed from the ground up over 20 years, ago provides:

  • Complete imaging workflow: storage, reporting, viewing, post processing, seamless EHR integration. If you can do it on-premise on a local server, you can do it from PICOM365 Cloud, many times faster.
  • Cost effective deployment/operation. Low upfront costs combined with migration options reduce price barriers to making the conversion to Cloud, giving you near breakeven operational fees and reduced headaches.
  • Data fluency with an information highway. PICOM365’s expertise in getting all of the data where you need it, in the format required, assures your legacy systems are supported while bridging the gap to a state-of-the-art architecture. VNA’s and billing systems are maintained, and AI and new cloud IT solutions play together.
  • Security second to none. PICOM365 Cloud draws upon the billions of dollars invested by Microsoft to keep your data secure. Infused through our clinical software design and permeated through the Azure architecture, you will sleep better at night knowing your data is being guarded.


Visit ScImage at HIMSS booth 2141 to see how fleeting “fake Cloud” vendors can be easily replaced with the future of healthcare image management.

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