Is Your Enterprise PACS Just Smoke & Mirrors?

A cohesive approach to imaging is the objective behind the new FDA nomenclature for PACS, “MIMPS” (Medical Image Management and Processing System).  Seamless connectivity of all imaging systems in the healthcare enterprise requires more than a homogenous method for storing data. MIMPS requires a comprehensive approach to all of imaging’s needs: viewing, reporting, data exchange and, the most critical requirement, workflow. 

The industry has finally come to recognize the position ScImage has integrated into our PICOM365 enterprise single-database solution for 25+ years. Other standalone systems that include multiple acquired and loosely connected solutions mislead the buyer with the declaration that the solution is whole; however, this “buy and bolt” facade is nothing more than an illusion.

The truth behind the curtain is that workflows vary significantly from facility to facility for the same modality. Throw into the mix different departments requiring accommodation of departmental specific workflows – for Cardiology, Radiology, Women’s Health, Ophthalmology, Surgery and beyond – and most big iron PACS systems can’t keep up.

A true cohesive Enterprise Imaging environment must be flexible:

  • Architecture: In the Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid, PICOM365 supports your institution’s deployment strategy
  • Viewing: PICOM365 provides web-based zero footprint and lite clients with viewing tools for every subspeciality
  • Reporting: PICOM365 offers multiple methods for generating results – structured & self-reporting, dictation and EHR template integration
  • Workflow Your Way: PICOM365 accommodates the idiosyncrasies in every imaging discipline
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Our single data base allows you the freedom to access and cross reference all patient imaging-related data


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