Navigating the Data Highway

Remember when? The once-envied position of a Radiologist sitting behind a workstation with dedicated resources assuring the right imaging-related data was available is now a thing of the past. In the good old days, someone even used to hang your films for you.

While the requirements remain the same for data from multiple sources needed to make a diagnosis, the number of studies to read, the complexity, and the resources to support you has changed dramatically. Today, the Radiologist must single-handedly navigate all elements of imaging data from multiple facilities, data storage systems and locations.

Are you struggling with multiple patient IDs, PACS systems and viewers, the need for 3rd party post processing, various workflows, multiple reporting solutions and a collection of log-ins?  PICOM365 puts you back in control! Log into PICOM365 from any computer with internet access and securely access all imaging data, from any source, using a single worklist.  Automated intelligence tracks where the images come from, what priors are required, the correct hanging protocol, and maneuvers various patient ID’s and EHR’s.

Schedule an appointment with us at RSNA (booth 2300) to see how PICOM365 means less clicks, fewer frustrations and more peace of mind. 

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