Navigating the Great Resignation

As healthcare professionals are leaving the field in great numbers, how do healthcare organizations prepare for and weather the storm? Two key elements can protect your clinical practices:


The ability to prepare imaging for resource shortages requires the right foundation to provide efficiencies throughout the workflow.  PICOM365 on-premise, hybrid and Cloud architectures optimize automation to assure all players are as productive as possible, eliminating unnecessary data entry and costly corrections.  PICOM365 enables intelligent automation – in data entry, limitless workflows, seamless availability, tight 3rd party software integration or optimized EHR assimilation – to get the job done without drawing on your limited resources.

With imaging IT systems optimized for efficiency the most logical next step is assuring the data is where it is needed, when it is needed by the required resource.  Leveraging the strength of PICOM365 clinical software and the IT know how of Microsoft Azure Cloud, ScImage assures your resources have anytime, anywhere access to imaging data. No traveling to outside locations, no searching for all relevant data, no lack of availability for external processing authorities. For AI, EHR, post-processing integration and more, PICOM365 Intelligent Cloud puts all aspects of imaging at your fingertips with simplicity and security.

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