Optimize Efficiency with the Cloud

ScImage knows that the critical value of physician time cannot be underestimated. PICOM365 Structured Reporting puts speed and efficiency at the forefront. Viewing and reporting for every modality is standardized, optimizing productivity for every cardiology discipline. Workflow that eliminates unnecessary clicks for both clinical staff and physicians are core to our Structured Reporting design:

  • Hard stops for both clinical staff and physicians to assure all data is both available and supports regulatory and billing requirements;
  • Intelligent evidence-based reporting generates the preliminary report based on measurements and your organization’s guidelines;
  • All normal, prior report carry over (indication, findings, comparisons, recommendations, conclusions) for fast sign-off;
  • Customize report templates on the fly using integrated speech software and/or free text;
  • Integrated 3rd party post-processing with seamless measurement and image import;
  • Customized structured reporting supporting cardiology specialties (cardiology oncology, structural heart, heart failure, etc.).


PICOM365 gives you the ability to access and report on any image, anywhere, at any time quickly and securely over the internet.

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