PACS in Pieces

The “Other Guys” basic PACS (review, report, store) $

3rd party image exchange add-on $$

3rd party analytics add-on $$$

3rd party interoperability engine add-on $$$$

3rd party DICOM/HL7 broker $$$$$

PICOM365 All-in-One Enterprise Imaging Solution… PRICELESS!

While other PACS companies are buying technology to piece into their offering or substituting 3rd party technologies, all at a hefty price, ScImage’s PICOM365 goes beyond PACS to deliver a comprehensive All-in-One solution with tools to support all the critical elements of image data management: reading, reporting, and getting the data where it needs to be, no matter the entry or exit point. 

With PICOM365, just right-click and it’s all at your fingertips.  No logging into siloed solutions, no lack of connectivity between systems, no wasted time. 

  • Enterprise Imaging – Radiology, Cardiology, even ECG and ophthalmologic OCT
  • Seamless access to all priors regardless of the PACS where they are stored
  • Bi-directional integration with EHRs and other IT solutions
  • Anytime, anywhere access to any image on any device
  • Collaboration with peers and image exchange with clinicians and patients


Tired of the complexity?  PICOM365 does it all.  You choose the design – on-premise, hybrid or Cloud – we can securely and cost effectively handle the rest.

Schedule an appointment with us at RSNA (booth 2300) to see how PICOM365 puts the pieces back together. 

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