PICOM365: Efficiency in Action with Automation, Alerts & Analytics

Data, Data, Data… Nowhere is there more data to be managed than in Cardiology, where the entangling of multiple imaging disciplines produces a maze of clinical data.

Analytics seems to be a buzzword with a focus on managing and monitoring for the money counters. But does an automated analytics platform with built-in alerts that supports efficient physician workflow exist? Imagine the following:

  • Notifications for key acuity levels
    • Intelligent software that knows when clinical care needs to be immediate
    • Automatically alerts physicians upon receipt of the data – with no human intervention – enabling critical care to be provided immediately
  • TAVR clinic candidates seamlessly collected and sent on schedule
    • No sorting through echocardiograms, looking for the right patients to be sent for advanced care
    • Predetermined criteria tracks patients providing notifications for additional care teams
    • Analytics provides the statistical data to monitor outcomes and resources
  • Notifications that let you know when studies need to be read to meet accreditation and reimbursement requirements
    • Physicians and staff are alerted when studies requiring to be reported in specific intervals are reaching their deadline
  • Compare multiple modality outcomes with key data points
    • Track clinical outcomes
    • Immediately identify ideal and track cases for conferences, research and registries


Your analytics wishlist can become reality! PICOM365 Analytics manages your data, both the business and clinical aspects of Cardiology, making sure your clinicians are always in the know. Through sophisticated analysis of all report elements, both structured and on-the-fly additions, relevant data is easily accessible through a simple user interface.

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