PICOM365: Your Data Clearing House

Data access came to the forefront of healthcare during the pandemic; key to how to optimize patient care in the here and now but equally important, data for the future. The access to the right data with analytic tools and the ability to combine and share data has never been so important.

Health care specialists are the hub of all patient information: clinical processing “data in” and treatment “data out.” ScImage considers the data we collect, review, store and distribute in a similar manner.

ScImage embraced the Cloud twenty years ago and has watched it grow in popularity and demand due to capability, security, flexibility and cost. The Cloud has become our “clearing house” for all data. Prepare your organization for the value of data in patient care and its financial impact.

PICOM365 Cloud provides all the functionality of a traditional on-premise Enterprise PACS and beyond:

  • Consistent viewing, reporting and storage platform
  • Anywhere, anytime access to all images for all disciplines
  • Secure data exchange between Radiologists, referring physicians and patients
  • Image exchange eliminating CDs
  • Accessible database for AI applications and data mining

Contact us today or schedule an appointment (in-person or online) at HIMSS to see how PICOM365 drives access to all patient data within your institution and beyond your enterprise.

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