Reach for the Cloud

secure cloud pacs

Since before COVID-19 tipped imaging on its side, ScImage has been encouraging our on-premise customers to consider the Cloud and its immense benefits.

  • Security – superior to what is available at any single entity (Microsoft prides itself on this benefit)
  • Support – the same Customer Support ScImage customers enjoy, with benefits: PICOM365 Cloud is always on the latest and greatest software, it is self-healing, and it’s more reliable than on-premise hardware and networks
  • Ownership – the data is still yours, but you can leave the headaches of managing it to us
  • Speed – the performance of PICOM365 Cloud rivals any PACS system available today (just ask our users… it’s unbelievable)
  • Cost – the average cost for the Cloud is equal or less than the cost of managing on-premise installs

Contact us to see why a significant of PICOM365 customers are moving from managing their own systems and turning them over to ScImage.

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