ScImage Reaches A Milestone In Perfecting The Science Of Collaborative Reading

ScImage is proud to solidify its leadership in delivering complex collaborative reading solutions to institutions of varying sizes. This is not a statement about what is logically possible. It is based on the knowledge and experience gained by operating several complex environments that have been operational for several months to several years. Our PICOM365 framework is empowering ScImage to architect and deliver complex solutions that bring harmonious interoperability among imaging and information platforms from various third party vendors. PICOM365 is truly vendor neutral interoperability.

Collaborative reading is not just for a few privileged institutions anymore. It is becoming a basic necessity for most modern practices. For patient care and economic reasons, Institutions and physician groups must come together, share their data and expertise to provide an efficient diagnostic reading environment. The result is patient exams are read at the right time, by someone with the right expertise is an important building block for better patient care. It is a win-win situation all around.

When one physician group is reading for one institution, things are simple with one order feed, one image feed and one report feed. Things becomes exponentially more complicated when multiple institutions are engaging multiple physician groups to get the job done with very little human intervention. There are several challenges in play here:

  • Rules of engagement are different for different situations. Administrators must be able to define and change the rules based on contractual obligations, personnel availability and ad-hoc decisions.
  • Compiling a reading package that includes current exam, prior images and prior reports and making the reading package seamlessly travel around the collaborative network is the basic task that has to happen on-demand and just-in-time.
  • Different institutions have different patient identifier and accession number schemes. Seamless normalization of information is crucial when data enter the collaborative network, as well as when the results go back to respective institutions.
  • Many reading groups are entrenched with their own reading and reporting tools. Delivering a reading package seamlessly and grabbing the report when it is ready is something that needs to be custom crafted for each reading group.
  • The concept of a “Report Bank” is vital to infer business intelligence for the prior pre-fetch logic.

In addition to facing all these challenges with ease, ScImage’s PICOM365 brings other unique advantages:

  • PICOM365 is an excellent and economical way to recruit outside expert reading physicians.
  • PICOM365 is an end-to-end diagnostic reading environment providing a redundant reading platform when the local reading system is down.
  • PICOM365 cloud infrastructure can send image pointers and dispatch reports to any external system.
  • PICOM365 can naturally be used as a vendor neutral archive (VNA) in the cloud.
  • PICOM365 is the ideal neutral zone to offer physician and patient portals with a consistent universal web viewing experience on any device.

Embrace location independence, liberate data and embrace imaging workflow beyond your boundaries.

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