Talk is Cheap

No imaging technology has been as misrepresented as much as Enterprise Imaging. Today’s siloed PACS vendors are marketing their fragmented solutions, made up of odds and ends of purchased technology, under the cloak of Enterprise. Even highly regarded “industry experts” have fallen prey to these false claims, hyping up these piecemeal systems year after year heading into RSNA.

Simply put, enterprise imaging has become a way to take advantage of the market for financial gain, not for end user efficiency and clinical efficacy.

ScImage announced its strategic enterprise direction in 2002 with the installation of the industry’s first single-database Radiology & Cardiology PACS and has charged ahead in advancing the benefits that true enterprise imaging delivers.

  • Storage, viewing, and reporting of ALL data types, DICOM, non-DICOM & waveforms
  • Workflows to address every department and discipline
  • A cohesive dashboard displaying the complete imaging picture
  • Access to patient history and priors, automatically on the worklist with no searching required
  • Stellar integration with all IT solutions – EHR, CAD, AI, Analytics, Registries and beyond
  • Business and clinical analytics to support the entire imaging continuum
  • Flexible Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid architecture
  • Image exchange and distribution embedded in the offering, not a bolt on
  • Future scalability as your organization grows


PICOM365 is a system that is ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE.

Don’t be fooled by the Other Guys’ hype.  Schedule an appointment with us at RSNA (booth 2300) to see how PICOM365 goes beyond the marketing hype to deliver a true enterprise experience.  

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