The Future of Image Sharing

The winds of change continue to impact imaging, with more mergers and acquisitions announced on what seems like a daily basis. When new partner organizations collide, especially when their product directions are diverse, the future is uncertain, and customers usually suffer.

What does the recent announcement of Microsoft’s Nuance acquisition mean for the future of your image sharing strategy?

Image exchange has become a critical strategy to support level of care and reimbursement.  New value-add models have driven the need to “ship” images around, rather than repeat them (and not get paid).

ScImage’s Image Exchange toolset, native to the PICOM365 platform, delivers secure, cost-effective options for data sharing anywhere, into or out of the enterprise.

  • PicomShare, a customizable patient/practice portal for uploading images, can be used as a clearing house for data approval or automate the study upload process for trusted users.
  • PicomWeblink, a media free, secure option that minimizes cost and eliminates additional resources and headaches of sending CDs and other unsecured media.
  • PicomUplink, a seamless electronic image request from remote locations that eliminates the wait time for receiving a CD, the hassle of constant reminders, or involving the patient to obtain critical prior studies.


With no mergers or acquisitions in sight, ScImage’s focus remains on our customers’ needs. PICOM365 Image Exchange allows you to configure your workflow your way

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