Time for Change

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Change for the sake of change is painful.  It is hard enough to keep up with changes in your own organization; you don’t need the added uncertainty of key IT solutions and partners, especially when it comes to imaging.

Vendors who constantly change ownership lose focus and product direction, putting their customers in a compromising situation, often in the dark about product capabilities, support and cost.

ScImage has continued to advance our PICOM365 enterprise imaging solution – enhancements in zero footprint viewing technology and structured reporting make tele-imaging easier than ever imaged. PICOM365 offers a full range of storage, display, reading/reporting, interoperability and image exchange capabilities, all designed in house, by a cohesive engineering team with 27 years of consistent ownership and market-focused direction.

ScImage stands behind our users and our product.  We are committed to you having a positive experience with our partners and our solution, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have regarding your forward momentum.   

Think about the following when it comes to your imaging partner – longevity, security, flexibility, commitment – then contact us to let us know you’re ready for change, on your terms.

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