Winning the Cybersecurity Game

Cybersecurity is the name of the game as healthcare institutions fearing a variety of security threats are heavily focused on security over functionality. In traditional hospital networks, due to unsecured legacy devices and patchwork interoperability efforts, DICOM and HL7 traffic is often left unencrypted allowing simple packet capture software to grab patient information in plain text.

How can your institution arm itself? Guard your legacy devices with PICOM365 ModalityGuard™, a highly secure, lightweight, transparent device to capture data from modalities in an isolated private network and securely transfer to PICOM365 over the enterprise network.

  • End-to-end encryption prevents errant data from entering network
  • Secure transfer of any DICOM or non-DICOM clinical content
  • Provides transparent DICOM C-Store, C-Find, C-Move, MWL services
  • Legacy medical devices can continue to operate and are fully protected from cybersecurity threats

Don’t settle for “security over functionality.” With PICOM365 ModalityGuard, you can be on the winning side of the cybersecurity game.

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