Your Imaging Data: Who Needs It?

How many times a day does someone need the imaging data your practice generates? Patients, referring physicians, surgeons, billing, management, regulatory agencies and, maybe most importantly, YOU!

Why does data access need to be so difficult? Why are there so many places to go to find data, and how frustrating is it when you can’t get to it, can’t find it and can’t get it to where it needs to be?

ScImage PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging provides a single source for ALL your Cardiology imaging data for storage, review, post-processing, workflows and reporting. Our enterprise approach to all the imaging modalities you encounter means no siloed data sources and no access barriers. PICOM365 routes your imaging data along a secure information highway, driving it everywhere it needs to be, at any time, and to the right person – seamlessly. 

Think about your biggest imaging challenges:

  • Searching for the printed ECG strips for your Stress Echos and Nuclear studies
  • Logging into your PACS system because images aren’t available for review in your EHR
  • Need an image reprocessed, searching for the software or the clinical staff
  • Need priors that are only available at one of the hospitals you visit or your office
  • Some free time at the hospital but no access to your office studies due to IT barriers
  • A referring physician in need of today’s case
  • The case from last week available for Structural Heart team
  • Can’t find your Echocardiology and Cath images for candidates for TAVR clinic
  • The perfect study available for accreditation


All of this and more can be available with a single click on your workstation, your laptop, and even your phone. It might sound too good to be true, but ScImage knows a practice cannot run efficiently and cost effectively if its CVIS doesn’t go beyond PACS to address all your needs.

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