Enterprise imaging workflow featuring unmatched security and scalability implemented with superb technical service

PICOM365 Enterprise PACS: 24 years of ingenuity in smarter patient care


End-to-end data encryption,
hashing integrity, and 2FA.


For all specialties with images,
documents, and discrete data.


Ubiquitous user experience;
work from anywhere at any time.


From a single physician practice
to a million-study workflow and beyond.

Replace IT infrastructure spending with PICOM365 platform-as-a-service, or use secure web access to expand care-giving.

Enterprise-wide imaging and reporting with customized departmental workflows specific to your organization.

One system to handle your entire diagnostic imaging workflow easily integrated into your EHR.

Read from a single consolidated worklist and seamlessly deliver results that conform to site-specific workflows.

Our Success

ScImage remains a customer-first, private company with a mission to provide innovative enterprise imaging solutions to the healthcare industry.

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