Cloud-native, AI-infused enterprise PACS  

PICOM365 delivers end-to-end diagnostic imaging workflow for all disciplines

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Optimized for efficiency and improved patient care, PICOM365 provides anytime, anywhere access to all diagnostic imaging workflows from all modalities and all devices with flexible financial models that make sense for your bottom line. 

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PICOM365 delivers automated, scalable, secure diagnostic imaging workflow and data exchange. Choose from Cloud, Edge or Hybrid configurations designed to meet your unique needs.
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Automated Intelligence
From automated workflow management to intelligent troubleshooting and self-healing, PICOM365 streamlines operations, ensuring reliability at every step
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PICOM365 is the axiom of efficiency, providing access to all imaging data for storage, review, post-processing, and reporting. We facilitate workflows that work for you!
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Enterprise Imaging
A true enterprise imaging solution goes beyond PACS to consider every image and waveform type, every document, every modality, every workflow and every user’s specific needs.
Automated Intelligence
Enterprise Imaging
Automated Intelligence
Enterprise Imaging

Our strength in the marketplace is rooted in our customers’ success.

“Our lasting impact on healthcare imaging is anchored in our steadfast dedication to customer-centric values and the cultivation of enduring relationships. We prioritize exceptional communication, service, and support as well as the consistent evolution of our innovative solutions, demonstrating our dedication to surpassing the expectations of our valued partners.”

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Sai Raya, Ph.D. Founder and CEO

Tomorrow's Imaging, Today

Transforming healthcare with PICOM365: Speed, Security, Simplicity, and Streamlined Efficiency


Instantaneous access to critical patient data facilitates rapid review and reporting, whether you're in the office, on rounds, or working remotely. PICOM365 ensures uninterrupted access with our 11 nines uptime guarantee.


PICOM365 is equipped with robust security protocols and compliance measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of protected medical information, providing your organization peace of mind.


PICOM365’s intuitive design facilitates effortless user navigation and easy interaction with native and third-party toolsets.


PICOM365 seamlessly integrates with your current IT ecosystem, with a focus on workflow optimization to reduce disruptions and boost operational efficiency – allowing your team to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

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