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Revolutionizing Imaging with Cloud-Native Solutions

ScImage was founded in 1993 and has consistently provided innovative enterprise PACS solutions to the healthcare industry that are flexible, scalable and secure with an emphasis on establishing and nurturing excellent relationships with partners.

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In pursuit of this commitment, ScImage introduced PICOM365, a comprehensive single-database enterprise platform designed to manage imaging workflows across all medical disciplines: Cardiology, Radiology, Women’s Health, Orthopedics, and beyond.

PICOM365 caters to organizations of every size, providing customizable architecture in the Cloud, on local Edge devices, or a hybrid model. ScImage’s advanced workflow solutions ensure seamless access to patient information for physicians anytime, anywhere.

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Investing in the Future

ScImage consistently pursues a sustainable growth trajectory, prioritizing organic development over rapid, externally-driven expansion, ensuring independence without incurring external debt.

ScImage’s mission centers around the “One customer at a time” philosophy, reflected in our exceptional customer retention rate. We are dedicated to tailoring implementations to meet our partners’ imaging needs, accommodate their growth, and offer pathways for upgrades.

ScImage invests more than 35% of income in product research and development in support of our commitment to elevate the role of advanced imaging and informatics technologies in healthcare, allowing us to be of maximum service to our partners and, ultimately, the well-being of patients.

Our strength in the marketplace is rooted in our customers’ success.

Our lasting impact on healthcare imaging is anchored in our steadfast dedication to customer-centric values and the cultivation of enduring relationships. We prioritize exceptional communication, service, and support as well as the consistent evolution of our innovative solutions, demonstrating our dedication to surpassing the expectations of our valued partners.

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Sai Raya, Ph.D. Founder and CEO

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