Multispecialty PACS

Imaging Solutions for Any Specialty

Optimized for physician efficiency and improved patient care, PICOM365’s multispecialty solution provides secure anytime, anywhere access to all diagnostic imaging from all modalities, all devices and all locations.

One system, all workflows

Access any image from any discipline, on the same worklist, for a patient-centered approach.

Custom reporting

PICOM365 includes Structured Reporting, VR, transcription, self-reporting, and third-party integration.

Complete imaging history

Intelligent timeline displays chronological patient image history providing both images and prior reports.

Specialty-specific access

Individual worklists are customized by clinician or specialty, showing only the studies they are eligible to read.

Benefits for Key Stakeholders in the Multispecialty Ecosystem

PICOM365 is designed to meet the specialized needs of any multispecialty practice, integrating all diagnostic imaging throughout the enterprise to streamline clinical collaboration and provide access to reports, priors and other imaging data across modalities and specialties.

Our solutions are designed to be cost-effective and scalable, ensuring that practices, clinics, and ASCs can maximize resources without compromising on quality of care.


Quick study delivery and display times

Integrated subspeciality tools available on a right click

Visualization of complete imaging history, including priors and reports

Reading and reporting from any device (computer, tablet, phone)

Reporting options including dictation, editing, custom templates and structured reporting

Clinical outcome analytics


Happy users increase physician satisfaction and work-life balance

Simplicity for outreach and increased revenue opportunity

Integrated measurement tools for key processes and business indicators

Customizable alerts evaluate TAT for patient, physician and regulatory requirements

Collaborative tools for real-time exchange with colleagues, referring physicians and staff

Gatekeeper design assures quality and revenue measures are reached


Multiple architecture options for your IT strategy: Cloud, hybrid or on-premise

Seamless EHR connectivity to leverage your IT investment

Integrated image exchange toolset eliminates costly CDs and 3rd party applications

Instant image sharing with patients and referring physicians

Guaranteed “eleven nines” uptime

Transparent upgrades included with zero downtime

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