ScImage PACS Offering

Data Exchange Services

Impacting outcomes, cost and efficiency, data sharing has become the backbone for patient care.

360° Data Exchange

With scalable Image Exchange and Interoperability toolsets, PICOM365 PACS provides 360-degree Cloud-based data exchange.

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Instant access for physician offices, patients and referring physicians

Automated integration with existing workflows to optimize productivity and eliminate errors

Interoperability Core leverages legacy EHR, external reporting, VNA and/or third party PACS solutions

Architecture handles all DICOM & non-DICOM images for all specialties and complex workflows

Secure Image Sharing

PICOM365’s secure image sharing tools eliminate physical media and seamlessly disperse information for improved outcomes, elimination of unnecessary radiation exposure, decreased TAT and reduced cost.

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Image upload and download

Protect PHI and enterprise ecosystem

Customizable user-friendly portal

Automated workflows for data acceptance

Eliminate CDs and costly resources

Secure end-to-end study transfer


The PICOM365 Interoperability Core orchestrates data access, transfer and distribution, managing external IT systems – HL7, EHR, DICOM and non-DICOM data, billing, patient ID’s – to create an information highway that facilitates access to all patient data.

Flexible exchange

Subspecialty reading


Consolidated worklist

HIE/MPI translation

Crosswalk tables