ScImage PACS Offering

Integration Services

From EHRs to advanced third-party toolsets, PICOM365 Cloud PACS provides tight integrations to increase efficiency and optimize user experience.

EHR Integration

By utilizing industry standards – including, HL7 over TLS 1.2, FHIR, and API – PICOM365 optimizes user experience, increases productivity, and tightly incorporates imaging into the clinical experience.

EHR integration with Cloud PACS

One-click access to the patient encounter within the EHR

Easy access to images and reporting in a zero-footprint clinical viewer

Seamless, bi-directional exchange of data elements

Auto-population of discrete data into reporting templates

Remote applications accessible with a right-click eliminates the need for a dedicated workstation
Automated measurement and data mapping into Structured Reporting
Clinical outcomes and data mining for accreditation and research
Integrate existing IT systems, including VNAs, PACS, billing systems, and CAD for a unified user experience.
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Third-party Integration

PICOM365 integrates with your preferred third-party software tools to increase user efficiency and system optimization. Users can quickly access post-processing software, templating tools, and key data elements.